Terrible Jokes

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Why do people wear hoods at night?

Because they have a night-hood.

Teenager:  Dad my boyfriend has turned
into a number.

Dad: His turned 18.


Person has ic on a pan.

thats because its a Panic.

Man sends  spells, to a coldren magazine,

because its a which magazine.


What fruite says sorry? Apple “apple-ojise”

What do you call a shed full of water? “Water-shed”


 What do you call a letter E that moves around? “a Move-e”

Student: miss my hair keeps on standing up? 

Teacher: Now thats a hair raising event.


 Child: Mummy my ant is waiting for something? 

Mother: I guess he was ant-isapaiting some thing.

Student: Miss it keeps on raining on me?

Teacher: Simple because you are a rain dear.

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