Doctor Doctor

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  Doctor Doctor why have you changed your name to Dr Frank?

Simple I wanted to be frank with people.


 Doctor Doctor did you know there is an app for doctors?

Yes its called Dr App.



  Doctor Doctor I feel like a chicken?

Have an egg.


 Doctor Doctor my Doctor keeps on pressing me and saying sion?

Thats an Press cription.


 Doctor Doctor why do I see doctors standing on 

a yellow line?

Don't you! that an online doctor.


 Doctor Doctor I keep on seeing donkeys bottoms?

Well that's just Ass tronomy.  


 Doctor doctor I found a bear in my head

I'll bear that in mind

Government changes the name GP to MGP.

Or Major General Practionar.


 What do doctors do in there surgeries?


What do doctors give to the Bionic  Man?

                                         Anti bionics.


 What dose Dr mean ?

direct return.

 Doctor Doctor I forgot my name?

What's your name again.


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