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Parents and Children

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Angree mother tells child I will count to tree. 1,2,3?

Child shouts 4,5,6,7.

Mother: Don't make me repeat my self.

Son: What I wasn't listening.



 Mother walks in to an off licenece with a toddler in the pram.

she pushes the pram near shelves whist doing her shoping, but

When she gets to the till she finds too mutch staff.

The toddler had put more stuff into the basket they 

whent by the shelves.


Husband tells wife off for skolding one of their twins.

It turns out she skolded the wrong twin.



How do you know if a mother is angree with her child?

She grabs the pram very strongly and she walks 

extreemly fast so that she can tell the child off at home.

How do children annoy their parents?

By saying bad words.


 Whats the easyest way for children to get parents fumbling?

Asking an odd question.

Child is playing pin the donkey but the father screems?

The child pinned the tail on the father rather than the Donkey.


 Why shouldn't you swear infront of your child?

They will swear to you in public.

Husband keeps on bring more toys than he should?

Apparently he counted the children twice.

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