Sports Jokes

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The fielding team comes out to play cricket but

the bats men come out with real bats instead of cricket



Women started to run out of the field when insects 

come out to play to play cricket


Woman gets punched in the stomach because

she was watching sock her. 

Post men find a goal post inside a 

post box. Because it was a Goal Post.


Why do you get javelins get mistaken for

spears? Because its in spearing. 

Goal keepers toe gets broken because the 

football was replaced by a boaling ball.


 What sport uses hair curlers as a game?



During a football match they found the time sign cut

in half. It was half time. 


 What do you call a fast runner?

An athlete. 

Gym owner finds some boxes in his ring.

Because it was a boxing ring.



What do you call a faul goal?

Bad gaul.

What game is played in water?



 Why do you use an X when you play bow and arrows?

Because its a cross bow.

What sport uses hair curlers as a game?



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