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Eggs have a new name.

eggs -Benedict.

Where do eggs come from?



  Eggs are good music?

An Egg tape?


 What do you call an relaxed egg?

Chilled Egg.



  What do you sick egg ?

Egg nosiating.


 What to call an airlines for eggs?



                            Man buys an egg on-line where dose he go ?



 what do you call an biography written by an egg?



     Farmers create an stock market for eggs?

Egg Exchange.


 Where do you find history of eggs?

from the Egg-story books.


Eggs are very good at telling meanings?


Doctor my ackel keeps on following me?

Do you have knee-ce?


  What do you call a person who studies eggs?



 Doctor I have laid an egg?

Now that Egg splains it.


What do you call a egg with a title?

Sir Egg.


 Name an egg that is all over the place?

Scrambled Egg.


 What do you call that can not be found?



 How do you know if a egg is blushing?

Because it goes orange.


 Humans have Birth Certificates what do Eggs have?

Egg Certificate.


 Where did the yoke from an egg come from?


Doctor Doctor I feel like a chicken?

Have an egg.


 My egg gives out current?

That's because its egg static


 How do eggs separate?

They scramble


 Why shouldn't eggs go in the sun?

Because they become half boiled.


 Did you know that eggs sit tests?



 Statics can flow through eggs?



Did you know that eggs get knighthoods?



 Eggs always win cases?



   Why do eggs get do whiled things?

Because they go to egstreams.


Where do eggs come from?


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