Udder jokes

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            Student asks are there any udder milk?

What dose an cow call the week before?
The Udder Week.


What do you call an cow one less udder?

Whats another way of saying understand?


 What type of butter do male bulls eat?
udderly butterly.

If the first udder called Udder whats the second one called?

Teacher asks what part of a sheep body is
most inteligent ?
Student: simple the udder! Udderwise.

 Did you know that udders can speek?
Udder a single word. 

 Farmer creats a new butter
called Udderly butterly.

What do you call an world with cows udders?
The Udder world.

When you eat milk from a cows udder

If feals like its udder this world.


What do you call a wise cow? 

Udder wise.


 How do you make an other udder longer?

You pull it.


What do you call a second udder?

 An udder.


Man tries to milk an cows udder

but finds the udder tasts odd. It

was a Goats udder.


Man finds ice cream comming out of a cow.

It was an Udder cream.


 Cow1: I like my milk.

Cow2: Your Uddering the sentence.


How can a cow hit someone with out using

its head or feat? By using its udder.


 What do you call person that makes udders

and udder maker.

Cow asks why do men pull my udders?
another cow because they like it.

Where do cows go to have fun?

To an udder concert.

Cow likes something and she said "Its udderly brilliant".


 Main cow to other cows: You must look after

an udder.

 Friend 1: My udder keeps on swinging?

Friend 2: Guess it gets the swing of things.


 Cow 1:My udder keeps of shaking!

Farmer: Good now I will get milk shake.

Why are you watching my udder swinging?

Trying to find out how to spread the milk.


 Farmer: Why is this milk bubbly?

Assistant: Because the udder was shaking.

  What comes out of a slim udder?

Fat free milk.

 This was Udderly ammousing.

What do you call an other that
cops things? An other chop.
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