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Who is always alienated ?


Stan always looses wait when 

he puts on his suite.


 Who would be happy in the 60's?


 What is Fran good at?




 Who always saves them?

The Alien

Now there is evidence that fish can talk?



 How dose Stan get rid of a serial killer?

He turns him into a fish.

  Who many characters are there in the Smith family?

Five plus Rogers other personalities families.

 Why is Stan wary of his boss?
Because his boss is dating his daughter.

How do you know when Steve is with his friends?
Because there always in a line.

What is Peters favourite pet song? 

Bird is the word.


Who smells Peters bottom? 

Meg Griffin.


 Men panic when they see Stewie. 

Because he would make them vanish.


Whats the most plucked song?

 Birds is the word.


Women shouldn’t go to Quagmires without knocking because his naked.


How do you know when Brian is in love his tail starts waggle.


 Whats megs favourite lines?  

I hate you all and ahhhh.


Why shouldn't you go to the Pub or bar with Peter Griffin?

You will Clam up.


 What type of wood dose Brian love? Bark 

Why shouldn’t you start a conversation with the Griffins? 

They will make a song and dance out of it.


What words do Homer sings to?


What type of this dose Bart eat?

Shorts! eat my shorts.


 How many memberships dose Lisa have?

25 one membership per letter.

 Friend 1: What character Simpsons would use to clean

the shelves?

Friend 2: Marge Simpsons hair.


 Who do you spell Homer J Simpsons middle name?


How dose Homer say Lisa's sousaphone?



 What type of jewellery  do Marge Simpsons never take of?

Her Necklace.

  Who  is the most fastest character in Simpsons?

Bart Simpsons

 Did you know Bart favourite food is shorts?

What food dose Bart eat?
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