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Why do students ask daft questions?

to windup teachers.

 What name do teachers call there

text books? Mark



What type of things do teachers take?


 What teacher should you not wind up?

PE teachers. 



   What type of food do maths teachers eat?

Pie chart.

What type of pen do teachers use?




How do you know if a teacher marking 

your work? They will use red pen.


 How do teachers punish people?

By giving detention.



 What is a teachers favourite line?

See me.


How do you get a teacher angry?

Ask dumb questions.



Teacher: Why have written S A all over the page?

Student: You said to write an SA.

 Form Tutor: What homework have you done

Student: Cleaning, washing, shopping, cooking.



Deputy Head: Why have you got be loons stuck to your hands ?

Student: I was raising my hand.

 A female teacher is known as Miss,

male teacher is known as Sir,

 What is a Head Teacher known as? Lord



 Student found eating custard pie in class?

Because he was asked to do a pie chart.

Student brings a picture of Henry 8 to his class.

He was asked to bring in a ruler.



Teachers find lots of eggs in the egg-xamining room.


 Students found jogging around the class room.

Apparently they were doing Jography.



 Teacher shouts Gym class. A person called Jim replies.


Teachers refuse to mark the tests.

Apparently the student called Mark keeps on replying.



Teacher: Why are you shouting low?
Student: You did say Yellow.

Teacher: Have you brought to register?
Student: No I registerd online.


Teacher: What class are you in?
Student: Upper Class.

Head Teacher: Why arn't you at assembly?
Student: Because there is a donkey their.


Form Teacher: Have you studied for
your exams?

Student: Yes I made a few omlets.


IT Teacher: Why have you told everyone
am it?

Student: Because you are IT.


Teacher: Why have you drawn a donkey for
your assignment?
Student: You did say Assignment.

IT Teacher: What is a Software?
Student: A computer program that turned
into a warewolf.
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