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 What is the most joyfull search engine?



What address has the same letter three times?

The world wide web or www.



  Name one statment that Web designers disagree with? U are L.

How search engines find websites?

by looking online.



Name a website that sneezes?

Hay fever website.

When you want to build a house you ask for a 

house builder. Who do you ask when your building a website?

A web builder.



 What do you need to search the web?

A surf board (surfing the web).

Teacher:  where can you find a  collection of faces?




Where do you go to see online videos?

On the tube.

What do you call a survey in a strate line.

Online survey.



 A man finds a bad smelling site for his 

comp-peewww ter.


What is the internet version of a waitress?

A server.



  Now you can catch the train on the internet.

The You tube.

Google creats an new jokes website.

its called the Giggle.



Man goes on internet finds spiderweb.

Turns out its a website.

www: Worlds Weirdest Worms.



Web CEO goes to a garage to 

find a search engine

Teacher:  where can you get the internet?

Inside a person.



What dose URL mean?

U are called L.

Man could not sign in to his accout.

Because he wrote in instead of his user name.



 Doctor dose x-ray finds a net stuck in a patient.

It turns out its an internet


man found going through spiders webs it turned out

it was a web search.



 A man prints out several spiderwebs.

Because its a webpage.

Man uploads a log on to the web.

He is Logging in.



What dose DNA mean?

Do Not Answer.

Man uploads a log on to the web.

He is Logging in.



 What do you need to go online shopping ?

A shopping basket.

 What do you find on a website?

A spider.



A man heard about getting internet through a phone line.

he tries to get online through his phone.

What do you need to go online shopping?

A shopping basket.

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