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How do you scare a cat?

by getting a dog ringtone.

Did you know you can find a phone by its ringtone?

Unless is a dog or cats tone.




How do you when your phone is ringing?

when there is a strange song going on. 

How do you scare a cat?

by getting a dog ringtone.



Farmer runs to the field and see a horse making asounds like a phone. It had eaten a phone.


How do you know when an boyfriend is phoning?

The daughter disappears from the room.



What is the easyiest way knowning if its a

friend? There accent changes.

How do you know when a phone is ringing?

when there is a strange song going on. 



What do you call a confused translator?

Lost in translation.

A group of people go to a Bengali restaurant and greet 

each other saying dude. They end up getting three buckets of milk

The term dude means milk in Bengali.



What type of game can you talk to?
An Interactive game


Who do some celebrities get the lime light?

By doing something over the top. 



Man found sleeping in a meeting?

The translator took too long to translate. 

Never say hi there?

People will look behind them.



What do you call two people should from other ends of the road? Long distance communication.

Where do they get bad press?

In the media.



What letter communicates using
the internet?
Letter E: Email

Why do speakers don't need microphones?
Because they are too loud.


Why do Mathmetians use maths
to communicate?
Because its Mathscommunication.

To people communicate whilst standing
on a yellow line. They were doing
online commuincation.


To people try to talking to each other using
their mind. They are making telepathic communication.

To friends communicate by nocking on wood.
They called nockturnal communication.


What do you call to x's talking?
Cross communication.

What do computers need to communicate?
0's and 1's
How do computer mouses
communicate? Through sweeking.

What do you call a person retyping
morse code? Remorse code.
What dose a communication
satelite do? Sit down.

Name a really small phone?
A cell phone
Teacher: Name a easy way of communicating?
Student: Screaming.

What name appears when you say
communicate? Kate.
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