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What dose wifi?

Why Is Flying Interesting

What are Search Engines good for?

Finding Car Engines.



 What man made things can make friends?

Friend ship.

 Where do people keep there books?

In a Log book.



  New Desert made from fish has just come out

its called the Jelly fish.

  Did you know a man took a birthday card to 

take money out of his account.



 Horses go to get better?

to the Horspital.

What do you call a ambulance that works 

during the night?

An Pm-bulance.



 What smells alot?

A comp-peew-ter

What man made thing dose elections?




What do you call a computerised warewholf?

What do you call a car robery taking place
on a roof? A high jack.


What do you call a corndog stuck your knee?


What do you call a important government minister?

A Prime Minister.



What do you call a small phone?

A mincrophone.

What do call a gifted ant?




What do you call a fox nocking

on your door at night? Nockturnal.

Name a profesion where you need a

lot of arms? An Army.



What manmaged material can you use

in a Court of Law? Concreat (Concreat evidence).

How long dose a representative of the law work?

One year (Lawyear).



Name a phone that has only one letter?


Man returns his apple ipad claiming someone

has taken a bite out his Ipads logo.



How can you hear a loud wind?

When it rushes by you.

How do you time travel?

You take a clock where ever you go.



What food can you find in a computer?
A cookie.

Where can you find a internet server?
in a cloud (cloud server).


What type of dance do Astranauts when they are

on the moon? The Moon Walk.

Name a intelegent bird?

A Owl (wise owl).



Which Startrek charactor would be

a good storage device?


What type of engine can you not phyically touch?

A Search Engine.

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