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Using grater is great fun.

She likes to put legs on a Wok.
So that it can walk around.




Kitchen counter is a good place

to learn to count.

Where do cooking utencils and food have
their annual meeting. In the kitch



A frying pan has a tendancy of panicing.

The kitchen is the hottest place and the
coldest place in the house. Cooker, Fridge.



Man puts a bucket of sand in the
kitchen. Reason: He wanted sandwhich.

Government asks all the shefs to use the
letter U in front of all cooking appliences. Untencils.



Whats the worst thing in a kitchen?

Kitchen is the hottest places in the
restaurant. Cooker



 The best place to cut things is in the
kitchen using the cuttlery.

        Where in the kitchen can you find the                smallest thng that waves?
The microwave.



 The kitchen is the most used place in the house.
Because you can't live with out it.

Friend: My brother keeps on stiring up trouble.
Friend2: Is he in the kitchen.



 What is the highest place to reach?
The top shelf.

Host: Whats the best place for you?
Food: In the kitchen.



Hamburger: Why is it so cold in here?
Bacon: Because we are in the fridge.

Chicken: Aah the ice age is here do something.
Peees: No were are in the freezer.



Weighing machine: Is this mesurment in pounds
or dolars?

Why are you guys not getting on the mesuring cup?
Because we are waiting for someone.



Milk: We move around lot.
Orage juice: Thats because we are in the fridge door.

leaves: Why cant they find us?
Carrots: Because we are in the fridge draw.



Ham: I want to live longer?
Ketchup: Than stay in the fridge.

Man finds a lion cub in the kitchen shelfs.
The lion cub thought it was a cuboard.

beens: I cant stand being on the oven.
Because I keep on boiling up.

Knife: Spoon you must stop sturing things up.
Kitchen: People keep on cleaning me.
Sitting room: Thats because they use you the most.

House 1: My walls keep on growning.
House 2: It must be from the kitchen.
House 1: Your smoking again?
House 2: Yes its from the kitchen again.

Kitchen 1: I keep on heating up all the time.
Kitchen 2: Bet they are cooking hot food again.
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