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      What type of creatures are good at cutting things? Simple Dinosaws.

Name a scary Dinosaur?




A man was seen wearing clothes on his hair.

Apparently he got them from his hairdresser.

Whats the most difficult to predict?
Next years fashion.



Name a famous Dinsaur band?

What do you call an angry Dinosaur?
Tyranosaurus rex.



What do you call a polite dinosaur?

What is the similarity between a Giraf and a Bracisuarus?
They both need long collared cloths.



What musical notes can they sing?

Did you know they found a frying pan from the Cretatus Era?
It was called Pangea.



 Humans have Palientalagists what do Dinos have?

How many types of Dinos are their?
3, Land, see and air dinos.



 What is a Triceratops good at?

What do you call a predicesor of dinsaurs?



 What are Ankylosaurs good at

Name a really famous Dinosaurus?



What are Dinosuars good at?
Being a saur looser.

There is on thing Trex can not do?
Shake hands.



What are green Dinosaurs good at?
Green with envy.

What would dinosuar look like if they were alive now?
Easy Godzilla.



What type of food do Dinos like?
Raw food.

Why do small dinos aviod large ones?
Because they might get stomped on.



What are feathered winged dinos good at?
Winging it.

What phyiscal guesture are good at?

Pointy Kientrosaurus were good at pointing
at things.

What creatures do humans  want to see?
Hownamy number can a dino count up to?
Six, because they only have six fingures.

What do you call a hot dinosuar?
Burnt dinos.
Dinosuarus never got wet?
Because they used try cleaners.

What type of tiles to they use?
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