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What dose space have a lot of? Spacing.

What shape would you find in space? Circle.




Aliens spend the most of the time travelling.

Because theirs lots of space.

Why do spaceships never go to the Galactic canter?

They might fall into the black whole.



Where would you find spaceships? In space.

Space is the best place to park.

Because there’s a lot of space.



Name chocolate that you can eat whilst in space? Galaxy chocolate.

What objects need planning whilst in space? Planet.



Name another colour in space?

There are two types of stars,

Suns and Daughters.



 What is the most popular shape

in space? Circle.

What do objects with climates do

all the time?

Orbit a sun.



Name a part of your body that deals with space? Your bottom? Astronomer.

You can go on a real adventure in outer space. Space adventure.



 How many directions are there in space?
Every direction plausible.

Name a space movie you cannot find? Lost in space.



Name a band that can not place in space? One direction. Because you can go in any direction possible.

What is most common colour in space? Black.



Where is the hottest place? The sun.

Why can’t you see what a planet around another star really looks like? Because your seeing what it looked like in the past.



Man sends a small ship into space. Reason he wanted it to be a spaceship.

What do you call a popular heavenly body? A star.



What do you call superman when he is flying in space? Space flight.

Name a jewelry that planets wear? Rings.


What do you call the bottom of a floating rock? Asteroid.

What do you call a planet that has indigestion? Gas giant.


Space rocks love to sing. Because it’s a rock song.

Astronaut 1: Why are you spreading out like that?

         Astronaut 2: Because there is a lot of space.


Name a space adventure that happens far away? Star Wars.

Name a show that travels through space?

Star Trek.

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