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What do politicians do the most. They negotiate.

What do you call a person who changes their mind all the time. A politician.




What can’t politicians from rival parties do? Agree on anything.

Why do people mistrust some politicians? Because they change their minds alot.



Where dose the most boring debates happen? In parliament.

 What’s the most powerful place in

the parliament? The Lords.



Politician: I scared again?

Friend: Is it election time again.

How do get rid of an politicians? Don’t elect them.



Name a mutual place in UK parliament?

House of commons.

What profession helps the  MPs? Lawyers.



What politician is apart of time?

A Prime Minister (PM).

What can’t politicians do? Agree unless it benefits all sides.



Why politicians offices always separate? Because they are departments.

If the planet wanted to speak to a politician who would they speak to? The environment minister.



The Home Office deals with homes

 and offices only .

Name can’t politicians do? Discuss. They argue instead.



When do MPs look happy?

When they need your vote.

An MP has a fair outside marriage what department do they fall under? Minister of external affairs.



How do you get them to change their mood? Ask a sticky question.

When you see them moving there then they are explaining thing or being serious.



When are MPs always present? During PM questions.

What happens if a USA president

is in office for a long time. They age very quickly.



What do the public don’t take seriously about politician. Being held accountable.

What should politician be accountable.


What colours do politicians prefer

black, blue and white.

What are they not the most?  Answerable.


What is the funniest thing about foreign ministers they have no work dealing with their own contries.

What do politicians all have? Websites.


Name an MP that is always in the news?

Prime Minister.

If a MP resigns they get another ministerial job.

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