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My music teacher always makes note I can’t understand.

Musician: When my computer reads my notes it doesn’t understand them.




We like to tune into to thing.

My keyboard doesn’t have in letters or numbers on them.



Friend1: Why are you putting those five letters to getter? Friend2: I’m making music.

Table: You bring music to my ears.

That’s because I’m a piano.



Person 1: Why are talking like that? Person 2: Because we are singing.

    Keyboard: My keys don’t look like normal house keys.



Piano: Why do your notes have letters? Electric Keyboard: You said I should make notes.

I can’t get any ringtones on my headphones. Thats because its a wrong connection.



Computer: I am making music.

Printer: What type of music. Computer: Electronic music.

Manager: This only works if there’s no strings attached. Guitarist: Then I will have to give up my guitar.



Girlfriend: Why are you screaming?

Boyfriend: I am singing.

My drill is making music. That’s because it’s a musical instrument.



What can you find in a band? Rubber (rubber band).

What do you need for a Disk Jockey (DJ)? A horse.



Can here drumming noises.

It’s coming from your ear drums.

 Why do you call a group of loud people? A choir.



What band do you play for? A rubber band.

Where would you find music? In your ears.



What do call a band made out of insects? The Beatles.

Stones keep on falling on the street.

That’s because the Rolling Stones are here.



My band has bubble coming out. It’s a pop band.

My band is made from metal. Heavy metal band.

What do you call a wide band? Bandwidth.

King Kong is playing in a band,

Dose it  have Konga dancing.


Name one thing that musical notes doesn’t have? Letters.

What do you call a calming music?

 Classical music.


What can you do with music? Sing.

There’s music coming out of my rocks. That’s known rock music.

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