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People are very scared of Horror-scopes.

What do you need when you look at your

Horoscope? Space.




Where can these be found? In the stars.

There is a lot of scope in this field.



This subject is very predictable.

What do you need for a Horoscope? Something scary.



What can you find in Horoscopes? Animals.

Name a country that dose these? All countries.



These things never stay the same.

 Mother: Where is your horoscope?

         Daughter: In space.



 What do call a person who does not

believe in this subject? Sceptics.

This subject appears on every media except

on social media.



Name space bearing fish? Aquarius.

 I fear Scorpios because they pinch.



 Name a confusing star sign? Gemini.

 Client: My star sign roars?

Astrologer: You’re a Leo



This is the only subject that is not grounded.

You cannot predict what is going to happen.



What are Astrologers favorite

 subject? Math’s.

What do you call an over-the-top horoscope? Over done.



Name a helpful Horoscope? Useful.

Name a sign that is like a food? Pieces.



My starsign never falls over? Libra.

What shouldn’t you always check? Star signs.


Gemini: I love wearing jewelry.

Friend: I am very skeptical about things.

         Astrologer: You must be a Scorpio.


Astrologer: What date were you born?

         Client: The fruit date or the other date.

Friend: We use star signs

Friend2: What type of signature dose

our son have?


Astrologer: Its all in the stars.

Including planets, moons, comets extra.

 I don’t know what my star sign is but I

know what my favorite Star signature is.        

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