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      Name anything dry cleaners don't use       when cleaning clothes? Water.

In summer the days get longer but the
clothes get shorter.




A man was seen wearing clothes on his hair.

Apparently he got them from his hairdresser.

Whats the most difficult to predict?
Next years fashion.



Can you name type of clothing that has a
human name. Simple Jack (Jacket)

Where will you find clothes lining up?
On a clothes line.



When can you tell when a person is wearing
80's clothes? They don't match.

What do you call a person wearing sharp clothes?
A sharp dresser.



Name a dress that sounds like a bell?
Bell bottoms.

Customer: My trousers sound like door bells?
Shop counter: Thats becaus its a bell bottom.



 My cloths keep on lighting up?
Because you are wearing matching clothes.

What takes up a quarter of your room?
Cloathes furniture.



 There is a type of pants that need water.
They are called Hot pants.

Customer: My cloths have bags on them?
Retailer because they are baggy clothes.



 My cloths are glowing all the time?
Thats because they are hi-vise clothing.

What type of cloths do people with knighthoods wear?
Night clothing.



What clothing can you tie in a knot?
A suit tie.

What do you call a dress that matches?
A suit.



What takes up a quarter of supermarkets space?
Clothing section.

What clothes are named after Universities?



What dose rainbows and cloths have in similar?
They come in different colours.

What covers your head?
A hoody.



What do you do to a hoody to make it fashionable?
Make it shorter.

Man stiches two clothes to getter.
Because he could figure out which to wear.

What do you call a clothing that spends money?

What do you call frog wearing cloths?
A jump suite.
What do you call clothing that is in the middle?
Nutral clothing.

What clothing people shouldn't wear?
Transparent clothing.
Name one thing you need to carry your suits?
A Suitcase.

My cloths have just got the nighthood?
night dresses.
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