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Person finds photo frames stuck

 to his body. Reason it was his body frame.

Biology really gets inside you.




What do you call a self-centered part

 of your body? Your sells.

With Biology you can really get to know yourself.



What do you call a hippy version of a virus? Retrovirus.

 What is the difference between DNA and RNA? One has two strands and the other is single.



Why do cells divide? Because they are fed up of each other.

What dose DNA mean? Do Not Ask.



Why do Doctors know you so well? Because they know you inside and out.

Did you know you can Jeans inside you ?



What is the smallest phone called? A Cellphone.

How do cells in our body comunicate?

Text messaging on their cell phones.



 My hart keeps on saying thanks? Guess it was a hart felt one.


What do you call a biological plant that

 falls apart? Biodegradables.



Where would you find a biological substance in a prison cell.

 Why do you have Biology written all over your jeans? You did say it was in my jeans.



What cell is always last? Bacteria.

What dose a human body and a windows

database have in common? They both have cells.



Did you know that our body
use phones? Cellphone.

Our heart is as the heart of our DNA.



What dose RNA mean? Ringer Not Available.

What do you call a biological substance

that injoys them selves? Fungus



DNA: What type of math’s are you good at? Cell: Division.

 Career adviser: What subject are you going into? DNA: Biology.


Cell 1: We look alike?

Cell 2: We are the same cell.

What type cells do fish have? CF: Cell Fish.


Computer: I am learning Biology technology.

What do you call a well educated and traveled bacteria? Cultured Bacteria.


Virus: I have an aunt. She’s called Antivirus.

There are loads of photos of Cells on the web.

They are just cell-fies.

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